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Endpoint operations

RunPod's Endpoints facilitate submitting jobs and retrieving outputs.

To use these Endpoints, you will need to have your Endpoint Id. The constructed URL will start with{endpoint_id}/{operation} followed by an operation.

Operations available to all users are:

  • /run: Asynchronous endpoint for submitting jobs. Returns a unique Job ID.
    • Payload capacity: 10 MB
    • Rate limit: 1000 per second
    • Job availability: Job results are accessible for 30 minutes after completion
  • /runsync: Synchronous endpoint for shorter running jobs, returning immediate results.
    • Payload capacity: 20 MB
    • Rate limit: 2000 requests every 10 seconds
    • Job availability: Job results are accessible for 60 seconds after completion
  • /stream/{job_id}: For streaming results from generator-type handlers.
  • /status/{job_id}: To check the job status and retrieve outputs upon completion.
  • /cancel/{job_id}: To cancel a job prematurely.
  • /health: Provides worker statistics and endpoint health.
    • Only accepts GET methods
  • /purge-queue: Clears all queued jobs, it will not cancel jobs in progress.

To see how to run these Endpoint Operations, see Invoke a Job.