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The following requirements are minimal and are subject to change.

Software specifications

  • Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS:
    • Basic Linux proficiency.
    • Ability to remotely connect via SSH.

Operating system

  • Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS
    • Use the same file as 22.04, but select HWE during install.
    • That way, Kernel 6.5.0-15 is installed (please replace by any more recent production version if available).


  • For non-VM systems, make sure IOMMU is disabled in the BIOS.
  • Another good practice is to update the server BIOS to the latest stable version when facing compatibility issues.


  • Nvidia drivers 550.54.15 (please replace by any more recent production version if available).
    • Never use beta or new feature branch drivers except if you have been instructed otherwise.
  • CUDA 12.4 (please replace by any more recent production version if available).
  • Nvidia Persistence should be activated for GPUs of 48 GB or more.

HGX SXM Systems

  • Nvidia Fabric Manager needs to be installed, activated, running, and tested.
    • Mandatory: Fabric Manager version = Nvidia drivers version = Kernel drivers headers.
    • A p2p bandwidth test should be passed.
  • CUDA Toolkit, Nvidia NSCQ and Nvidia DCGM need to be installed.
  • Ensure the topology of the NVLINK switch is right by leveraging nvidia-smi and dcgmi.
    • Ensure the SXM is performing well leveraging the dcgmi diagnostic tool.

Minimal Secure Cloud Specifications

GPU Models

  • Latest Nvidia GPUs are required with models of at least 30xx or RTX A4000 or more recent.
  • Demand is highest for SXM 80 GB, PCIe 80 GB, Ada 6000 48 GB, Ada 5000 32 GB, 4090 24 GB, L4 24 GB, A5000 24 GB, and Ada 4000.


  • Option 1: At least 100 GPUs in total, each with a minimum of 12 GB VRAM.
  • Option 2: At least 32 GPUs in total, each with a minimum of 80 GB of VRAM.

We also require 2 GPU per server at minimum. 8x configuration is recommended.


  • Minimum of 4 Physical CPU Cores per GPU + 2 for system operations.
  • You should prioritize CPU core clock as fast as possible over more providing more cores.
  • For example, a 24-cores CPU clocking at 5.0 GHz is preferred to a 128-cores CPU clocking at 3.0 GHz for a 4x GPU configuration.
  • Genoa CPU are often a good option for these reasons.

Bus Bandwidth

  • Minimum banwitdh per GPU is PCIe 3.0 x16 for 8 GB | 10 GB | 12 GB | 16 GB GPUs.
  • Minimum banwitdh per GPU is PCIe 4.0 x16 for 20 GB | 24 GB | 32 GB | 40 GB | 48 GB | 80 GB GPUs.
  • PCIe 5.0 x16 is recommended for 80 GB GPUs.


  • Your RAM should at minimum equals your total VRAM of all GPUs + 12 GB for system operations.
    • 1024 GB+ of RAM recommended for 8x 80 GB VRAM GPU configurations.
    • 512 GB+ of RAM recommended for 8x 24 GB VRAM GPU configurations.
    • 256 GB+ of RAM recommended for 8x 16 GB VRAM GPU configurations.
  • DDR4 minimum. DDR5 is recommended.
  • Memory should be ECC compatible.


  • Absolute minimum of 1 TB+ of NVME space per GPU for each server (excluding the OS drives). Recommended storage is 2 TB+ of NVME space per GPU for 24 GB and 48 GB GPU, and is 4 TB+ of NVME space per GPU for 80 GB GPUs.
    • We recommend 2 smaller NVME disk in RAID 1 for the operating system (2x 500 GB or 2x 1 TB is fine).
    • For the data drives, keep one larger NVME unpartitioned and unformatted. If several data drives are provided, you need to create a LVM volume for those. For higher number of drives, Raid 10 is the ideal scenario. When installing RunPod, you will have to mention that LVM or Raid volume.
  • A read/write speed of 3,000 mbps is required.
    • PCIe 5.0 x4 NVME SSD are an asset for 80 GB and newer 48 GPUs.
  • Ability to deploy network storage clusters if needed.


  • 10 gbps Bidirectional Internet Speed as backbone.
    • ISP access of minimum 1 gbps symmetrical per server.
  • Static Public IP.
    • A single IP can be shared between up between groups of up to 20 servers.
    • Find how to activate Public IP here.
  • Access and ability to port forward.
    • Minimum of 30 ports forwarded per GPU per server. For an 8x GPU server, 300 ports forwarded is recommended.
  • Minimum interconnect speed of 25 gbps between servers.
    • Recommended interconnect speed of 50 gbps between servers.
    • Recommended interconnect speed of 200 gbps between servers for 80 GB GPUs.
    • A100 HGX SXM4 80 GB and H100 HGX SXM5 80 GB see higher demand if on high-speed InfiniBand that are 1200 gbps to 3600 gbps.


  • Abide by Tier III+ Datacenter Standards.
  • Robust Uninterruptible Power Supply and backup generators.
  • Switches and PDU redundancy.
  • Internet Service Provider redundancy.
  • 24/7 on-site security and technical staff.
  • All maintenance or downtime need to be scheduled one week in advance. See more about it here.

Most importantly

  • The ability to scale GPU supply over time.
  • Interest for less purely transactional relationship, and eagerness for a partnership centered around building the future of AI Cloud Infrastructure.