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RunPod is a cloud computing platform designed for AI, machine learning applications, and general computing needs.

Leverage our platform to execute your code using both GPU and CPU resources through our Pods and Serverless computing options.

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What are Pods?

Pods allow you to run your code on GPU and CPU instances using containers.

Pods are available in two types: Secure Cloud and Community Cloud. Secure Cloud operates in T3/T4 data centers, providing high reliability and security. Community Cloud connects individual compute providers to consumers through a vetted, secure peer-to-peer system.

What is Serverless?

Serverless offers pay-per-second serverless computing with autoscaling capabilities for your production environment.

Define a Worker, create a REST API Endpoint for it, queue jobs, and enjoy autoscaling to meet demand. This service, part of our Secure Cloud offering, ensures low cold-start times and robust security measures.

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Command Line Interface (CLI)

RunPod also provides a Command Line Interface (CLI) tool for quickly developing and deploying custom endpoints on the RunPod serverless platform.

For more informaiton, see the following:

Our mission

RunPod aims to make cloud computing accessible and affordable for everyone, without compromising on features, usability, or experience. We empower individuals and enterprises with cutting-edge technology to unlock the potential of AI and cloud computing.

For general inquiries, browse our documentation or reach out to us on Discord, our support chat, or by email. More information is available on our contact page.

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