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This page provides an overview for RunPod and its related features.

RunPod is a cloud computing platform, primarily designed for AI and machine learning applications. RunPod's key offerings include Pods, Serverless compute, and AI APIs.

What are Pods?

Pods allows you to spin up GPU and CPU instances with containers. The Pods are a solution for users that need a server with a GPU to run a docker container on it. Pods are available in two different types: Secure Cloud and Community Cloud. The Secure Cloud runs in T3/T4 data centers providing high reliability and security, while the Community Cloud connects individual compute providers to consumers through a vetted, secure peer-to-peer system.

What is Serverless?

Serverless offers pay-per-second serverless GPU computing, bringing autoscaling to your production environment. The Serverless offering allows users to define a worker, create a REST API endpoint for it which will queue jobs and autoscale to fill demand. This service, part of our Secure Cloud offering, guarantees low cold-start times and stringent security measures.

You can get stared with Quick deploys or for further customization, build your own.

What are AI APIs?

AI APIs are fully managed and Endpoints of some of the most popular AI models. They are designed for a variety of applications including Dreambooth, Stable Diffusion, Whisper, and more.


Additionally, RunPod has developed a Command Line Interface (CLI) tool designed specifically for quickly developing and deploying custom endpoints on the RunPod serverless platform.

Our mission

RunPod is committed to making cloud computing accessible and affordable to all without compromising on features, usability, or experience. We strive to empower individuals and enterprises with cutting-edge technology, enabling them to unlock the potential of AI and cloud computing.

For any general inquiries, we recommend browsing through our documentation. Our team is also available on Discord, our support chat, and by email.

More information can be found on our contact page.

Where do I go next?

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