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Our Mission

RunPod is on a mission to democratize AI from the ground up. Our first goal is to bring cloud compute to all with very competitive prices without sacrificing usability, experience, or features.
RunPod currently provides two cloud compute services: Secure Cloud and Community Cloud.
Secure Cloud runs in T3/T4 data centers by our trusted partners. Our close partnership comes with high reliability, redundancy, security, and fast response times to mitigate any downtimes. For any sensitive and enterprise workloads, we highly recommend Secure Cloud.
Community Cloud brings power in numbers and diversity spanning the whole world. Through our decentralized platform, we can offer peer-to-peer GPU compute that connects individual compute providers to consumers. Community Cloud providers are invite-only and vetted by us to offer compute with good security and uptime.
Both solutions offer far more competitive prices than large cloud providers such as AWS or GCP.
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