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Run Docker in Docker on RunPod CPU Instances


This tutorial applies only to RunPod's CPU offering. It is not possible to run Docker inside of a GPU at this time.

For information on building Docker images on GPUs, see Build Docker Images with Bazel.

RunPod provides virtualized machine images on CPUs. With this virtualization, you can use your own Docker image as a base image and, in addition, run Docker containers inside the CPU instance.

Create a CPU Instance

To get started, create a CPU instance:

  1. Navigate to Pods and select + Deploy.
  2. Select your CPU type.
  3. Customize your instance by setting up the following:
    1. (recommended) Specify a Network volume.
    2. Select an instance type. For example, 32 vCPU with 256 GB of RAM.
    3. (optional) Provide a template. For example, runpod/base:0.5.1-cpu.
  4. Review your configuration and select Deploy On-Demand.

For more information, see Manage Pods.

Install Docker

You can install Docker using one of the following methods. Ensure you have root privileges.

From the Docker Install Script

Download and run the official Docker install script:

curl -fsSL -o

From the Test Docker Install Script

Download and run the Docker test install script:

curl -fsSL -o

From the Source Repository

Clone and install Docker from the source repository:

git clone
cd docker-ce

Verify Docker Installation

After installation, verify that Docker is installed correctly:

docker --version

Start Docker

Start the Docker daemon:

sudo dockerd &

Test Docker Service

Run a test container to ensure the Docker service is running correctly:

docker run hello-world

If the container runs successfully and outputs a welcome message from Docker, you have successfully set up Docker in Docker on a RunPod CPU instance.

You now have Docker running inside a Docker container on a RunPod CPU instance. This setup allows you to manage and run additional containers as needed, leveraging the flexibility and power of Docker within a virtualized environment provided by RunPod.