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Create Pod

runpodctl create pod

start a pod


start a pod from

runpodctl create pod [flags]


--args string container arguments
--communityCloud create in community cloud
--containerDiskSize int container disk size in GB (default 20)
--cost float32 $/hr price ceiling, if not defined, pod will be created with lowest price available
--env strings container arguments
--gpuCount int number of GPUs for the pod (default 1)
--gpuType string gpu type id, e.g. 'NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090'
-h, --help help for pod
--imageName string container image name
--mem int minimum system memory needed (default 20)
--name string any pod name for easy reference
--ports strings ports to expose; max only 1 http and 1 tcp allowed; e.g. '8888/http'
--secureCloud create in secure cloud
--templateId string templateId to use with the pod
--vcpu int minimum vCPUs needed (default 1)
--volumePath string container volume path (default "/runpod")
--volumeSize int persistent volume disk size in GB (default 1)