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Templates are Docker containers images paired with a configuration.

They are used to launch images as Pods, define the required container disk size, volume, volume paths, and ports needed.

You can also define environment variables within the Template.

Template types

There a few types of Templates:

  • Managed by RunPod: Also known as offical Templates; these templates are created and maintained by RunPod.
  • Custom Templates:
    • Community Templates: Custom Templates shared by the community.
    • Private Templates: Custom Templates created by you or if using a team account, shared inside your team.

Custom Templates

You can customize templates depending on your skill level. The easiest way is to start with a RunPod official template or community template and use it as-is. If you want better control over what gets done at pod start, you can modify the "Docker Command" field. For example, the default docker command is:

bash -c `/`

If you wanted to run something before, you can put an extra command there.

bash -c `apt update && apt install vim -y && /`