1. Basic Role:

    • Users with the "Basic" role have limited permissions in the account. They can use the account and connect to existing pods, but they are restricted from accessing certain functionalities.
    • Permissions:
      • Can use the account.
      • Can connect to and use Pods.
      • Cannot see billing information.
      • Cannot start/stop/create Pods.
  2. Billing Role:

    • Users with the "Billing" role are specifically responsible for managing billing-related tasks and have access only to the billing page.
    • Permissions:
      • Can view and manage billing-related information and settings.
      • Cannot access other account features or Pod management.
  3. Dev Role:

    • Users with the "Dev" role have more privileges than "Basic" users and are suitable for developers or team members working on development tasks.
    • Permissions:
      • Inherits all permissions from the "Basic" role (can use the account and connect to Pods).
      • Can start/stop/create Pods in the account.
      • Cannot see billing information.
  4. Admin Role:

    • Users with the "Admin" role have full control and access to all features and settings within the account. They are typically account administrators or owners.
    • Permissions:
      • Has access to all functionalities and settings in the account.
      • Can manage billing and view billing information.
      • Can start/stop/create Pods.
      • Can modify account settings and permissions.
      • Has complete control over all account resources and users.