Send files to Dropbox through RunPod Cloud Sync.

This guide will walk you through creating a folder in Dropbox and using the Cloud Sync option in RunPod. You can also see a video guide on this process here.

Setting up Dropbox

If you haven't already, you'll need to start by creating an app on the DBX Platform. Select Scoped Access under the API options, Full Dropbox under the type of access, and give it a name.

Under the Permissions tab in the Dropbox App Console, also ensure the following checkboxes for reading and writing are ticked.

After checking these boxes, return to the Settings tab, scroll down to the OAuth2 section under your app and click Generate under Generated Access Token.

It will create an access key for you. Save this in a safe place -- just like the RunPod API key, it will disappear after you navigate away from the page.

Although not strictly necessary, it's also a good idea to create a folder that your workspace will be deposited to in your Dropbox.

Sending the data from RunPod

Next, go to RunPod and click the Cloud Sync option, and then click Dropbox.

Enter your Access Token and the remote path to send the data to.

Once you hit Copy to DropBox, your data should start syncing over.