Download a Folder from a Pod

Method 1. - Install Jupyter Archive

Note: we've temporarily removed this package from our templates due to bugs associated with it; some users report that this package interferes with the ability to right-click and download single files. Use at your own discretion!

  1. In JupyterLab, if your Pod comes with a Python virtual environment (venv) in /workspace, activate it with . /workspace/venv/bin/activate. This way, even if you reset your Pod, you'll still keep the download as archive tool.

  1. Run pip install jupyter-archive.

  1. Restart your Pod.

  1. You should now be able to right-click folders to download them as archives!

Method 2. - Manually Zip and Download

  1. Run apt install zip --yes.

  1. Run zip -r /path/to/folder/to/zip, replacing with the name you'd like to give your zip file and /path/to/folder/to/zip with, well, the path to the folder to zip.

  1. You can now right click your zip file to download your folder!