Get Started

Convert your account to a team account to start collaborating with other users.

Converting Your Account

Starting a team begins with converting your account to a team account. When you create a team, you gain the ability to invite other users to manage and use your account. While this is reversible, be cautious. Whoever you invite will have direct access to the team account and will operate on its behalf. To convert your account to a Team account, navigate to the Team Link in the sidebar and click Convert to Team Account.

When you click Convert to Team Account, you have the option to set your team's Display Name, confirm, and convert your account.

After you confirm, you will have access to your Team's dashboard, allowing you to invite other users, change the team's name, change members' roles, or delete the team and revert your account to a personal account.

What’s Next

After creating a team, invite some members to join it!