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Manage Payment Card Declines

RunPod is a US-based organization that serves clients all across the world. However, credit card processors have in general keyed into international transactions as a potential vector for fraud and tend to apply more stringent standards for blocking transactions. If your card is declined, don't panic! To minimize potential interruptions to your service, you'll want to follow these steps.

Keep your balance topped up

To avoid any potential issues with your balance being overrun, it's best to refresh your balance at least a few days before you're due to run out so you have a chance to address any last minute delays. Also be aware that there is an option to automatically refresh your balance when you run low under the Billing page:

Call the bank that issued your card

Once you do experience a card decline, the first step you'll want to do is to contact your issuing bank to see why a card is declined. Due to consumer/merchant privacy standards in the US, we are not provided with a reason that the card is declined, only that the transaction was not processed. Only your issuing bank can specifically tell you why a payment was declined. Many times, declines are for completely innocent reasons, such as your bank's anti-fraud protection tripping; just the same, RunPod is unable to assist with blocks put in place by your bank.

It's important that you call your bank for the initial decline before trying a different card, because the processor may block all funding attempts from an account if it seems declines from multiple cards for the same account, even if these attempts would have otherwise not had any problems. These account blocks generally clear after 24 hours, but it may be difficult to load the account until then.

Other potential reasons for card blocks

Our payment processor may block cards for specific users based on their risk profile, so certain use patterns may trigger a block. If you use several different cards within a short period time, or have had disputed transactions in the past, this may also cause cards to decline.

To see a list of supported cards on Stripe, click here.

Contact us for support

If all else fails, then feel free to contact RunPod support if you are still having trouble loading your account. We ask that you check with your bank first, but if everything checks out on your end, we will be glad to help!