How to become a Host?

Offer your NVIDIA GPU compute on our platform!
Our community cloud empowers hosts to offer their compute on our platform. Currently we only support NVIDIA GPU servers.
Server Requirements
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • at least 2 Physical Core Per GPU + 1 extra for System
    • 2x 3090s should have at least 5 Cores
    • 4x A6000 should have at least 9 Cores
  • Latest GPUs, at least 30xx or RTX A4000 or higher
    • PCIE 3 x16 per GPU or PCIE 4 x8
  • RAM 4 GB + Total VRAM of all GPUs
    • 2x 3090s should have (24+24+4) 52 GB RAM
    • 4x A6000 should have (48+48+48+48+4) 196 GB RAM
  • 1 TB disk space at minimum, 2 TB for 4 GPUs, 3 TB for 8 GPUs
    • at least 150 MB/s read speed required
    • disk speed test: hdparm -tv {device}
  • 100 Mb/s Down / 50 Mb/s Up at minimum per server
  • Public IP support (20 ports per GPU)
    • single IP can be shared between multiple servers
Other Requirements
  • RunPod service fee is 24%
    • we cover ~4% Stripe payment fees
    • also 2% referral and 1% template program is included as well (learn more)
  • GPU OnDemand prices are standard, you can set min bid price for Spot
  • We only accept Hosts with at least 12 GPUs with at least 24 GB VRAM GPU or 4 GPUs with at least 48 GB VRAM GPU
  • We require KYC for all hosts to protect our users and deter any fraud
If you meet the above requirements, please email us at [email protected] with your server specs, # of GPUs, internet speeds, and location.