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Referral programs

RunPod offers two referral programs and a template program that allow users to earn additional revenue in the form of RunPod Credits. This document provides an overview of these programs and instructions on how to participate.

Referral Programs

1. Serverless Referral Program (BETA)

The Serverless Referral Program rewards both the referrer and the referred user with RunPod Credits when the referred user spends a certain amount on Serverless.


  • Referrer: Earns $500 in RunPod Credits
  • Referred User: Earns $500 in RunPod Credits


  • The referred user must spend $1000 on Serverless.

2. Referral Program (BETA)

The Referral Program allows users to earn a percentage of the money spent by their referred users for the lifetime of their account.


  • Referrer: Earns 2% in RunPod Credits for every penny spent by the referred user.


  • If 20 referrals spend $100 each, the referrer earns $40.


  • The referrer must have at least 25 referrals and a minimum of $500 in referral spend.
  • To be eligible, contact RunPod once these criteria are met.

Template Program (BETA)

The Template Program allows users to earn a percentage of the money spent by users who use their Pod Template.


  • Template Creator: Earns 1% for runtime in RunPod Credits for every penny spent using their template.


  • If 20 users use a Pod Template at $0.54/hr for a week, the template creator earns $18.14.


  • The template must have at least 1 day of runtime.

How to Participate

Serverless Referral Program

  • Follow the instructions on the Serverless Referral Program page to refer users.

Referral Program

  1. Access your referral dashboard.
  2. Locate your unique referral link. For example
  3. Share your referral link with potential users.


If you have any questions or need assistance with the referral or template programs, please contact the RunPod support team.

RunPod allows referrers to keep the earnings made before activation once they meet the eligibility criteria and are accepted into the program.