🖥️ | Pods

Containers for your compute needs.

Pods are running container instances pulled from a container registry such as Docker Hub, GitHub Container Registry, Amazon Elastic Container Registry, or another compatible registry. Pods can be created from a template or deployed directly via the API and CLI tools.

On RunPod you can configure the following:

  • GPU Type and Quantity
  • System Disk Size
  • Start Command
  • Environment Variables
  • Open/Expose HTTP/TCP ports
  • Persistent Storage Options


When building a docker image for RunPod be sure to use the flag --platform linux/amd64,linux/arm64 to ensure it is compatible with the platform.

Terminating a Pod

  1. Click the dropdown arrow to expand the pod page.
  2. Click the stop/terminate button. A pod that is connected to network storage can not be paused and will have a terminate button in place of a stop button.