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Installing runpodctl

runpodctl is an open-source command-line interface (CLI). You can use runpodctl to work with Pods and RunPod projects.

When you create a Pod, it comes with runpodctl installed and configured with a Pod-scoped API key. You can also run runpodctl locally.

To install runpodctl on your local machine, run the appropriate command for your operating system.

brew install runpod/runpodctl/runpodctl

Configuring runpodctl

Before you can use runpodctl, you must configure an API key. To create a new API key, complete the following steps:

  1. In the web interface, go to your Settings.
  2. Expand API Keys and click the + API Key button.
  3. Select Read or Read & Write permissions.
  4. Click Create.

Keep your API key secret. Anyone with the key can gain full access to your account.

Now that you've created an API key, run the following command to add it to runpodctl:

runpodctl config --apiKey your-api-key

You should see something similar to the following output:

saved apiKey into config file: /Users/runpod/.runpod/config.toml

Now that you've configured an API key, check that runpodctl installed successfully. Run the following command:

runpodctl version

You should see which version is installed.

runpodctl v1.13.0

If at any point you need help with a command, you can use the --help flag to see documentation on the command you're running.

runpodctl --help