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Run your first Fast Stable Diffusion with Jupyter Notebook


By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have deployed a Jupyter Notebook to RunPod, deployed an instance of Stable Diffusion, and generated your first image.

Time to complete: ~20 minutes


RunPod infrastructure

  • Select RunPod Fast Stable Diffusion
  • Choose 1x RTX A5000 or 1x RTX 3090
  • Select Start Jupyter Notebook
  • Deploy.

Run the notebook

  • Select RNPD-A1111.ipynb
  • Enter Hugging Face user access token
  • Select the model you want to run:
    • v.1.5 | v2-512 | v2-768

Launch Automatic1111 on your pod

  • The cell labeled Start Stable-Diffusion will launch your pod.
    • (optional) Provide login credentials for this instance.
  • Select the blue link ending in

Explore Stable-Diffusion

Now that your pod is up and running Stable-Diffusion.

Explore and run the model.