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Savings plans

Savings Plans are a powerful cost-saving feature designed to optimize your RunPod experience. Take advantage of upfront payments to unlock discounts on uninterrupted instances, maximize cost efficiency, and get the most out of specific card types on Secure Cloud.

Get started

To start saving with RunPod's Savings Plans, ensure you have sufficient RunPod credits in your account.

There are two ways to create a savings plan.

  • Add a Savings Plan to your existing Pod from the Pod dashboard.
  • Initiate a Savings Plan during Pod deployment.

Regularly check the Savings Plans section to track your Savings Plans and associated pods.

Image of Savigns Plan in the UI


Reduced Costs: By paying upfront for a Savings Plan, you can enjoy discounted rates on uninterrupted instances. This means significant cost savings for your RunPod deployments.

Flexible Savings: When you stop a Pod, the Savings Plan associated with it applies to your next deployment of the same card. This means you continue to benefit from your savings commitment even after temporary pauses in your pod usage.


Stopping your Pod does not extend your Savings Plan. Each Savings Plan has a fixed expiration date, which you set at when you buy the plan.

Instant Activation: Savings Plans kick in immediately upon activation and remain active for the duration of your committed period. You can start saving from the moment you initiate a Savings Plan.

Easy Management: Adding a Savings Plan to your existing running Pod is a breeze through the Pod dashboard. Alternately, Savings Plans are automatically started when you deploy a new Pod, simplifying the process and ensuring you don't miss out on potential savings.

Clear Visibility: Stay on top of your savings commitments and associated Pods by navigating to the Savings Plan page. This shows a comprehensive overview of your Savings Plans for effective monitoring and management.