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Billing information

All billing, including per-hour compute and storage billing, is charged per minute.

For more information on billing questions, see Billing FAQ.

Payment methods

RunPod accepts several payment methods for funding your account:

  1. Credit Card: You can use your credit card to fund your RunPod account. However, be aware that card declines are more common than you might think, and the reasons for them might not always be clear. If you're using a prepaid card, it's recommended to deposit in transactions of at least $100 to avoid unexpected blocks due to Stripe's minimums for prepaid cards. For more information, review cards accepted by Stripe.
  1. Crypto Payments: RunPod also accepts crypto payments. It's recommended to set up a account and go through any KYC checks they may require ahead of time. This provides an alternate way of funding your account in case you run into issues with card payment.
  1. Business Invoicing: For large transactions (over $5,000), RunPod offers business invoicing through ACH, credit card, Coinbase, and local and international wire transfers.

If you're having trouble with your card payments, you can contact RunPod support for assistance.