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Job states

When working with Handler Functions in RunPod, it's essential to understand the various states a job can go through from initiation to completion. Each state provides insight into the job's current status and helps in managing the job flow effectively.

Job state

Here are the states a job can be in:

  • IN_QUEUE: This state indicates that the job is currently in the endpoint queue. It's waiting for an available worker to pick it up for processing.
  • IN_PROGRESS: Once a worker picks up the job, its state changes to IN_PROGRESS. This means the job is actively being processed and is no longer in the queue.
  • COMPLETED: After the job successfully finishes processing and returns a result, it moves to the COMPLETED state. This indicates the successful execution of the job.
  • FAILED: If a job encounters an error during its execution and returns with an error, it is marked as FAILED. This state signifies that the job did not complete successfully and encountered issues.
  • CANCELLED: Jobs can be manually cancelled using the /cancel/job_id endpoint. If a job is cancelled before it completes or fails, it will be in the CANCELLED state.
  • TIMED_OUT: This state occurs in two scenarios: when a job expires before a worker picks it up, or if the worker fails to report back a result for the job before it reaches its timeout threshold.